United Exchange is always looking to expand our horizons and your interest in the platform is highly appreciated. Here is a little introduction to the platform and the unparalleled advantages it offers in the market, followed by the list of requirement for the listing of a token:

United Exchange is a unique and one-of-a-kind platform. This exchange is creating the future with every tick of the clock as it brings together the sellers and the buyers to explore the trading world of Digital Coin.

United Exchange is based in Beachmont Kingstown in St. Vincent and Grenadines but our services are available everywhere as well as accessible from every corner of the world. In the short time that the exchange has been functional, we have already managed to win the trust of thousands from all parts of the globe.

It has been made possible by the fact that the United Exchange bridges the gap between the traders by providing advanced secure space for trading. Based on Blockchain technology, our exchange not only prioritizes but also guarantees your safety. With the inclusion of blockchain, our exchange provides the latest technology to our users for ever-increasing security, accountability and traceability. All our equal in the eyes of the Blockchain, so we as an exchange are just as responsible as you are as a user. Our services are tailor-made to suit every user according to their needs and demands.

The Exchange is live 24x7 so our clients can trade whenever they wish to. Likewise, our customer care services are live around the clock and full of dedicated individuals who wish nothing but to make the trading experience more exquisite for the user. It has been seen that any problems our clients face are resolved in the shortest time lengths, which sets us apart from others in the business. Through United Exchange, all the currency our clients put in their accounts will only be used for their trading transactions because unlike the traditional banks, we do not function through fractional reserves.

United Exchange has become a one-stop destination for the trading of digital assets as we provide trading in multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more, so any client of ours would not need to go through hundreds and thousands of other websites to compare and execute all their trading needs. The website which mostly acts as a gateway for the trading of digital assets also provides a safe space for the user to store their cryptocurrency, which are cold wallets- the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies.

Cold wallets are the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies for the sole reason that they are inaccessible via the internet, i.e. it’s impossible to reach them through the internet as they are physical devices without any link to online systems. So, it would be virtually impossible to hack into the ‘cold wallets’ and thus the client’s funds are in literal safe hands. Unlike other exchanges, funds stored on United Exchange cannot be accessed in any way whatsoever by any third party other than the clients and the exchange. To put it simply, United Exchange and the funds stored on it are hack-proof.

United Exchange is based on Cloud Security, which ensures 100% security for clients and the platform. In Cloud security, on-premises resources across various areas can be checked without having extra security machines at each site. Checking of on-premises assets, yet just restricted observing of cloud assets. Arrangement- SaaS models dispenses with the need to convey equipment or programming. The measure of human hazard diminishes. CSPs represent considerable authority in protecting information. Cloud framework is observed consistently to take off potential security dangers. With the Cloud, you exclusively have access to the best server security. United Exchange only makes use of the best as we aim to provide you with the best experience. For this, we only employ the best and the most advanced cloud security tech, which we update regularly on as required basis.

At United Exchange, your security is our priority. With the combination of Blockchain, Cloud security and cold wallets, it’s next to impossible to access any information or funds without authorization. Many big cryptocurrency exchanges have come under the radar as there have been increasing attacks on their systems and theft of funds on their platforms, but on United Exchange due to high priority of security via many systems previously mentioned and more, the exchange, as well as the user accounts and their funds, are truly safe. This can also be verified by an already large list of United Exchange’s clientele.

United Exchange is also one of the most beneficial platforms in terms of liquidity. Most of the platforms in cryptocurrency trading will give profits to their clients in the form of tokens and advantages. An additional benefit of trading on the United Exchange is that, unlike other platforms, our exchange always provides returns in USD, so one can use their returns universally without a hitch. So, your funds, as well as your profits, are always accessible and liquid. In a market where liquidity is all but shady and of questionable policies for most platforms, United Exchange aims to provide the best Liquid support to our clients in this business. Your funds are, in the total meaning of the word, your funds even if you store or use them on United Exchange. Without your express permission, United Exchange will not ever use your funds otherwise than for what you’ve granted permission and authorization.

United Exchange is steadily gaining on other popular exchanges, which is visible in our numbers. We have more than 100,000 monthly visits on our platform and over 87,000 registrations for the exchange, and this number is increasing by the minute as more and more people join our platform.

At United Exchange, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience by providing high account security, easy trading and a well-monitored website which detects and blocks any suspicious activity.

Again, we are thankful for your interest in the exchange. Here is a non-exhaustive list of information that we require in order to list your token on our exchange:

  • Name of the Project
  • Name and Symbol of the Token
  • Details about the founding team behind the token
  • Details of a contact person
  • A permanent link to the token’s whitepaper
  • Blockchain details on which the token is based
  • Details about the ICO, if started
  • Plans about the ICO, if not started
  • Details of other exchanges where the token is listed
  • Link to the official website
  • A Github link to your project
  • Link to the Blockchain explorer
  • Link to the Integration Documentation Link
  • Details about the use-cases of the Token
  • Current Price of the Token
  • Market Capitalization of the Token
  • Total coin supply of the Token
  • CoinMarketCap link of the Token

As mentioned previously, the list above is non-exhaustive. United Exchange may require more or less information depending on the project. In case of any queries, please contact us. We are grateful for your time. Hope to see you soon on United Exchange.

Contact us : [email protected]